No one likes talking or thinking about what could happen when things go wrong. And no one likes spending money on insurance.

However, when you think of insurance as a means to protect you and your family, it gets a little more interesting.

Think about it -

  • Could you continue to meet your commitments if you were unable to work?
  • What would happen if you were out of action for six months, a year or even longer?
  • Could you keep the house?
  • Would there be enough money to send the kids to private school?
  • Would your lifestyle and investment plans be seriously compromised?

Even worse, how would your family be affected if you were to die?

With the right insurance structure, these concerns can be addressed. What we mean by the right insurance structure is one that provides you with appropriate cover in a cost and tax effective manner.

We think of insurance as a key strategy within most investment plans. A properly constructed insurance strategy provides protection so that you and yours will not only be able to meet daily living expenses, but also afford to maintain your investments. This therefore becomes a platform of your long term wealth plan. It puts you in control.

When considering insurance together with a strategy that uses borrowed funds for investment, the costs become more palatable. Depending on your needs, an insurance strategy will effectively add a fraction of a percent to the cost of financing. In doing so, you will have added the key element of protection to your long term wealth plan.

Plenty of us take out car insurance so we won't be up for thousands if we are involved in an accident. However some of us don't like the idea of insuring ourselves. If this is you, ask yourself, when your car crashes, who will be driving it?

We offer advice on the following personal insurance lines: Income Protection, Term Life, Trauma, Total & Permanent Disability, Business Expenses & Keyman Insurance.

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