A Little Bit of Our Investment Philosophy

At Belmont Financial, we passionately believe in the mantra of "time in the market" rather than "timing the market". Investing and using compound interest to build wealth is all about making a structured investment plan, putting it in place and having the discipline to stay the course.

No quick fixes, no fast buck schemes and no chasing the next big thing.

We all know people who have "made a killing" in the markets - or at least those who say they have. And in our weaker moments, we wish we got into whatever is the current flavour of the month when they did.

Whilst there might be "gifted investors" out there - ie. those who can unfailingly pick market highs and lows - we've never met one. If you know one, you should take their advice and please send us their number! We've met plenty of people who have had the odd big win, but you know what else they have had too.

We think that for every story you hear from someone about how they made a killing in XYZ Mining, that same someone might have dropped just as much or more on ABC, DEF and GHI Mining. Just like at the horse races, you only hear about the wins, never the losses.

The disciplined investor shuts out that "noise" and gets on with the job of sticking to their Not Very Exciting Long Term Plan. Not as much fun as riding the highs of big wins, but we think it is a lot more lucrative in the long run. And investing isn't about fun. The fun part comes when you use your long term wealth to achieve your long term goals.

Our investment skills are centred on creating and monitoring an investment plan suited to you and your timeframe. We recommend asset classes and specific investments based on your needs. And we take the time to explain why we have made our recommendations to you.

We believe that it will be easier for you to stick to your investment plan if you understand the logic and reasoning behind it. This will allow you to ride out the inevitable "bumps" along the way and carry on to the achievement of your goals.

If you want to know more, please give us a call or send an e-mail.