Whether it is borrowing for your home or for investment purposes, the type of loan and your borrowing "structure" are important financial decisions.

Before any decision is made on the loan itself, Belmont Financial works with you to ensure your borrowings are structured properly from a tax and asset protection perspective.

Whilst the rate or "price" is always important, establishing the most appropriate finance structure is the key to obtaining your best financial solution.

Once we have determined the appropriate structure - we can work with your accountants as well - we then go after the best loan. Belmont Financial has access to a broad range of lenders to ensure that we obtain the best finance solution for you.

We use our banking and legal skills to ensure that not only is the loan as cheap as possible, but that the loan has all of the features you need to reach your goals.

This can only be achieved through us fully understanding your financial situation. Because we view every client relationship as being a 30 year relationship, we take the time up front to understand what you need.

Structure first, price second. That's what makes the best financial solution.

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