Tax Considerations

At Belmont Financial, our goal of providing intelligent advice to our clients can only be met if we keep in mind the tax implications of our recommendations.

This comes into play when considering questions of investment structuring, selection and financing.

Using the appropriate investment, finance and insurance structure can save you thousands in unnecessary tax obligations and at the same time protect your other assets.

At Belmont Financial, our legal and banking background gives us the tools to be able to fully consider your situation, including the tax and asset protection implications.

What is tax efficiency?

When we talk of tax efficiency, we are not talking about investments or other strategies that only "work" once the tax benefits are considered, - ie. the benefit of the tax deductions which may be applied against your other income.

What we are talking about is an investment that does not result in you paying more tax than is necessary. Additional tax obligations can be inadvertently created by certain investment recommendations or even the choice of who does the investing.

We can only be confident that a recommendation is right for you if we fully understand your situation. That is why we take time at the outset to make sure we gather all of the facts.

Tax-driven Investments

We believe investments must stand on their own feet. So-called tax-driven investments are generally not part of our recommendations. Tax consequences are constantly considered, but only as part of your overall situation and certainly not as the driving force behind a recommendation.

Would you like to discuss your situation? Call or e-mail us. We are happy to talk.

Accounting Advice

Financial advice and tax considerations must be considered together. To this end we will work closely with your accountant to make sure that our recommendations tie in effectively with your overall financial situation.

Need an accountant? We can introduce you to one of our recommended accountants. We will work together to provide you with the best overall solution.